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Riverside Pedestrian Mall

It was a wonderful visit back to my hometown of Riverside. I visited with friends and family I have not seen in years.

We took advantage of a full day leisurely sightseeing and relaxing at the Riverside Pedestrian Mall before our Amtrak was due to depart in the evening.


Walk into a Casey’s Cupcakes store and you know you’re in for a treat the moment you see the glass cases filled with delicious, beautifully decorated cupcakes, each topped with Casey’s signature chocolate medallion. Casey’s Cupcakes is truly an experience, a destination inspired by a classic Parisian café with a glamorous Hollywood twist and incorporates bright splashes of pink with classy black accents and whimsical accessories. 



“Sower’s Dream” (Near Sixth Street adjacent to 3615 Main) — Created by artist (and former Corona resident) Guy A. Wilson, the 11-foot statue entitled “Sower’s Dream,” commemorates Eliza Tibbets and her role in originating California’s highly successful navel orange industry, which began in Riverside during the 1870s. The 1,100 pound bronze statue depicts Eliza with outstretched arms and billowing dress and honors not only Eliza the navel orange matriarch, but also Eliza the spiritualist, abolitionist and activist.

Napoleon and Josephine, the Mission Inn macaws, Napoleon, the blue and gold, and Josephine, the scarlet, have returned to The Mission Inn Hotel and Spa! Their favorite phrases: Welcome, Hello, Bye Bye, Thank You, Enjoy, See you Soon, Stop it, Step up, Good Girl, Good Boy

The Riverside Municipal Auditorium (RMA) is a Riverside landmark designed by famed Mission Inn architects Arthur Benton and G. Stanley Wilson in 1928.