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Coronado Historic Site

The Museum of New Mexico Foundation, MNMF, celebrated Member Day at the Coronado Historic Site located north of Albuquerque.

The reconstructed ruins and well-preserved wall murals of the prehistoric Tiwa Indian village of Kuaua are the backdrop for the story of the prosperous Native community encountered by Spanish explorer Francisco Vasquez de Coronado during his search for the Seven Cities of Gold. In addition, renowned Santa Fe Architect John Gaw Meem designed the visitor center and museum.

Friends of Coronado welcomed Marlon Magdalena, a Jemez Pueblo flute player, to demonstrate the techniques of making and playing Native American flutes. Marlon is a tribal member of Jemez Pueblo, where his life is centered on his family and the community of Jemez. Marlon makes and sells three kinds of woodwind instruments found in North America: Rim-blown Flutes, Two-Chambered Block Flutes and small bone flutes and whistles.